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V-COMFORT Turbo straw blower

V-COMFORT Turbo straw blower

Feeding, mixing, bedding with mixer wagon and straw blower combination

Our straw blower V-COMFORT Turbo can be quickly attached to any forage mixer at the front or rear. Is ideal for daily bedding application in the barn. The unique air flow principle enables a high-performance straw ejection. This creates a suction in the built-in wind charger, which pulls the straw directly into the blower. In it, the straw is accelerated and blown out by the impeller. The compact attachment to almost any BvL feed mixer makes the straw blower to an extremely space-saving extra.


  • powerful mechanical drive

  • throw distance up to 25 m

  • up to 320 kg of straw per minute

  • one-of-a-kind “Air Flow” technology

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