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Our bedding technology - our comfort plus

Bedding by master hand with BvL straw blower or bedding implements

Spreading different materials

Whether needed for handling straw, straw meal or lime - our bedding machines will spread a large variety of materials without a hitch. The V-COMFORT Turbo straw blower mounted on the V-MIX mixer wagon also offers assistance during a string of multiple work steps: Loading straw, breaking up straw, and, of course, spreading straw. Ease of use and on-the-job safety can be enhanced even further by adding such extra options as the water spraying unit, which will bind dust, or a stone trap.

Comfort for the cattle

Optimum bedding is of monumental importance to the lying comfort of the cattle. Lying in comfort is also beneficial to the health of the animals. A cow, for instance, enjoys lying down for extended periods if the lying surface offers the appropriate comfort. This comfort lets the cows feel at ease and provides them with the conditions they need to produce milk. Our bedding technology plays a major role in creating this lying comfort.