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Self-propelled mixer wagon with comfort and profiled roller

V-MIX Drive Self-propelled - agile and compact on the road

Combing instead of cutting or milling

BvL's self-loaders are distinguished by a feed removal that is particularly gentle on the structure of the feed. Its gentle removal transforms the feed into an excellent basis for a Total Mixed Ration (TMR) that is of first-rate quality and highly structured. Responsible for this gentle removal is the patented profiled roller, which forms the core of the agile self-propelled V-MIX Drive mixer wagons.

A mixing auger adjusted to perfection

The power mixing auger of the self-propelled mixer wagon is adapted perfectly to the shape of the hopper - as small as possible, but as large as necessary. This design makes it possible to achieve a high level of tank volume utilization as well as mixing process that is smooth and gentle on the structure of the material. The mixing auger of the self-propelled mixer wagon can be optimally adjusted to various types of feed by adjusting the knives.

Why is the structure of the feed so instrumental?

The feed needs to have structure to allow the cattle to ruminate properly. Structure is what helps maintain the optimum pH value in the rumen. What is more, structured feed lowers the risk of such health problems as displacements of the bovine abomasum, and it boosts feed intake and improves overall feed conversion efficiency. The long years of experience BvL's developers boast in the field of gentle unloading technology for silage and other feed components has surely paid off during the engineering of the self-propelled mixer wagon - as is evident in the careful way the profiled roller removes the feed from the silage. The underlying principle: The coarsely profiled teeth of the profiled roller comb the feed out of the clamp. While doing so, they leave the structure of the feed perfectly intact.

Out through the front, the rear or the side

The self-propelled mixer wagon engineered by BvL offers the best solution for any barn when it comes to discharging the previously loaded feed: whether through doors on the side or at the rear or using cross conveyors. We also carry useful options for expanding the capabilities of the discharge systems on your self-propelled mixer wagon that include an elevator or a side shift.

Intelligent self-propelled mixer wagon

The control system built into BvL's self-propelled mixer wagon affords the user maximum work and operating convenience. The possibility of incorrect operation is excluded by automatic regulation facilities. This type of regulation ensures the maximum degree of on-the-job safety. All hydraulic functions can be variably and independently adjusted. This makes it possible to adjust the self-propelled mixer wagon to the situation in the best possible way and most efficient and at any time during operation. Also contributing to safety plus maximum agility in any situation are the four wheels of the self-propelled mixer wagon (with optional 4-wheel steering and four-wheel drive).

The 100 % on-demand differential lock provides for maximum traction when necessary. Operating convenience is also paramount inside the cab of the self-propelled mixer wagon V-MIX Drive Maximum Plus. As the self-propelled mixer wagon excels at straightforward and convenient single joystick operation, controlling the machine is as easy as can be.

Leaving the choice of the right discharge option up to you

Whether you require an addition scale or programmable weighing system, a camera system with up to four cameras, air conditioning or a reversible ventilation system - BvL’s self-propelled mixer wagons come with a sizable number of equipment options and extras.