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Mixer wagon V-MIX Giant 40 and 46-3S

Mixer wagon V-MIX Giant 40 and 46-3S

The giant among the BvL mixer wagons

40 and 46 m³ capacity - that's enough for feeding up to almost 400 cows. This gigantic size needs special power. That's why the V-MIX Giant series comes standard with the BvL Powershift transmission. This is a reduction gearbox with hydraulic coupling, which allows the mixer wagon to be started up in low gear and brought to its full mixing speed under load. The required power just when starting is reduced and the entire drive train - from the tractor to the mixing auger - is extremely gentle.


  • capacity: 40 and 46 m³

  • feed ration: 288 - 385 cows

  • height: from 3400 mm

  • high volume utilization

  • smooth mixing process

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