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Thanks to BvL silage block cutter or shear grabs, low-maintenance for a clean cut

Our unloading technology - our tradition

Sturdy and powerful technology

Whether they require a silage block cutter or shear grabs - BvL's exhaustive selection of unloading technology is sure to offer every farm the solution that is ideal for their feed / silage removal needs. The main advantage of these devices: They require next to no maintenance and are extremely powerful. The equipment affords the farmer long-terms savings in workings hours and costs.

Clean removal and maximum working comfort

The use of our V-LOAD Shear grabs is an excellent option if you, for instance, need to handle wet silage as the silage pressure generates a counter pressure during cutting. This technology preserves the storage density of the silage. The sophisticated shape of the cutting frame makes it possible to achieve clean cuts even on the toughest types of silage. The smooth and low-wear operation of our shear grabs guarantees a superior work experience while ensuring swift unloading with minimum trickle losses thanks to the closed cutting frame and the narrow spacing of the tines.

Reduced reheating - preserved structure

If loosened up, e.g. on account of improper removal, the silage often reheats in the clamp. This will lead to diminished feed quality. Improved animal health, enhanced feed intake and, thus, higher milk yields are contingent on feed of the highest quality. Providing for a smooth and compact cutting surface at the silage and gentle removal with next to no loss in structure - these are the areas where BvL silage block cutters really shine.