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Individuell für jeden Betrieb

Diversity and experience

In the construction of fodder mixing wagons

The production of fodder mixing wagons on customer request and thus an answer to the condition and needs of each individual farm and its animals. This is exactly what we strive for. So the "Made for me" campaign is truly BvL. Join us in the search for your suitable mixing wagon.

With our very broad product range, we can cover almost all feeding technology requirements, especially in cattle farming. But not only for cows or cattle, also feed mixers for feeding sheep, goats, pigs or also for industrial applications are part of our product range. Our feed mixers are used on farms in Germany, but are also supplied internationally as far away as New Zealand. Our comprehensive sales network forms the perfect basis for this.

Whether farm managers rely on third-party fillers or prefer to use a self-filler, we have the right product for every farm. We focus not only on the mixing auger as the core of the feed mixer wagon, but also on all other components such as conveyor belts, side elevators or straw blowers. In addition, we offer self-propelled feed mixers as well as stationary feed mixers, i.e. individual feeding solutions for every farm.

How big can the feed mixer be?

Capacities from 3.5 to 46 m3, whether equipped with one, two or three mixing augers - BvL has the right machine for feeding for every size of farm.

In the compact fodder mixing wagons of the V-MIX Plus series, the volume is optimally utilised so that as much fodder as possible can be mixed and transported compactly. The arrangement of the mixing wedges in the mixing container is asymmetrical and thus enables an optimal fodder exchange between the individual mixing chambers. Is the barn entrance or passageway narrow or particularly low? - BvL also offers suitable solutions for this, such as the particularly low model V-MIX Plus T with an overall height from only 2.15m.


Inclusive loading technology desired?

A fodder mixing wagon as a classic trailer is still the most popular feeding machine. An independent loading vehicle, for example a telescopic loader, takes care of loading the mixing hopper. But at BvL, integrated removal and loading techniques for fodder are also possible. Our self-loading fodder mixing wagons - also trailed machines - have integrated loading or even cutting units. And BvL's self-propelled forage mixer, as the name suggests, no longer even needs a tractor. The patented structure roller for particularly structure-preserving removal of the fodder from the silage crop additionally distinguishes the self-propelled fodder mixer wagon.

Of course, the discharge options on the fodder mixing wagon are also adapted according to the conditions on site. Cross conveyor belt in the front or in the rear, lateral discharge openings in the front or rear or in the rear rounding, with feed chute or conveyor elevator - the feed ration always reaches the animals optimally, whether dairy cattle or other herds.

Reliable feeding technique

The fodder mixer wagon is in daily use on a farm, sometimes even several times. This makes it an indispensable utility vehicle - utility vehicle in the truest sense of the word. The usefulness and especially the reliability of this machine are immensely important. With its many years of experience in building agricultural machinery, BvL Maschinenfabrik offers quality of the highest standard and is a reliable partner for farmers when it comes to feeding technology. 

Forage mixers have been in the BvL range for over 40 years and have been continuously developed ever since. And in addition to the right size and durability of the machine, the focus is particularly on perfect fodder mixing and optimal discharge of the fodder. The patented EDS system, which enables an exact, direct and fast discharge of the fodder, an equipment package for compact feeding, the new hybrid fodder mixing wagon, the power mixing auger or the express mixing chamber are just a few examples of the innovative spirit and power at BvL.

Verlässliche Fütterungstechnik

Suitable equipment

For the perfect mixing trolley

The experience in building feeding technology is also reflected in the variety of accessories and equipment options. Camera systems for a better overview all around, addition scales or programmable weighing devices for exact, optimal mixing ratios, different cardan shafts or individual discharge variants (see above) - the feed mixers from BvL can be equipped and supplemented according to customer requirements. We try to make the daily mixing of feed rations and the feeding of livestock as convenient as possible.

This includes, for example, the option of using our mobile feed management and weighing system V-DAIRY Feeder TMR. This allows feeding and herd data to be collected, controlled and monitored from anywhere and in real-time transmission. For example, the user can create and manage feeding groups, rations and feed components. And the user has an overview of the status of the fed rations. A clear comfort plus for daily feeding in combination with the feed mixer wagon. In the meantime, there is a new edition of the system with an app version.

And those who want to use their feed mixer wagon effectively at the same time for a large-area bedding of the barn can additionally have the V-COMFORT Turbo straw blower mounted at the front or rear.