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BvL's web-based feed management system for more efficiency and visibility

System technology - our digital solutions in feeding management

All essentials at a glance

Feed costs account for a large portion of the direct costs involved with running a dairy farm. The V-CONNECT Dairy Feeder system helps farmers stay on top of their costs and quickly uncover potentials for savings. Whether they need to manage feeding plans, detailed feeding reports or loading and feeding times - farmers can use the system to instantly retrieve all relevant - as well as accurately and comprehensively documented - reports they need for planning and managing the operations on their farm.

Flexible access via Web account

Our feed management system V-CONNECT Dairy Feeder makes it possible to manage the feeding from anywhere in the world. This is thanks to the system's ability to transmit the data to the transceiver box on the weighing computer in fully automatic fashion and real time via Bluetooth. The data is ready for access immediately after the farmers logs on to the Web account of the system.

Feeding - one key component in herd management

A farmer's livestock is their most prized asset as it forms the linchpin of their daily work. All the more reason for managing this animal population with the greatest possible efficiency. Herd management is comprised mostly of keeping, caring for and feeding the animals to various degrees during their rearing. Special PC herd management applications help the farmer with the planning, documentation and management of all activities on the farm.

Herd management programs render assistance

The programs show their true worth when used for large herds. This is because they afford the farmer an overview of various stock management areas, offering the farmer a way to increase their efficiency. The data - whether held in tables, charts or reports - highlights area of the operation / herd management that have room for improvement. These areas may include animal health, the preparation of the feed ration or the insemination of individual animals. Ideally, the programs will lead to enhancements in herd health and performance - On dairy farms, herd management programs have their share in boosting milk productivity while effecting benefits on the cows’ health at the same time.

Interfaces with the V-CONNECT Dairy Feeder

Our mobile feed management system V-CONNECT Dairy Feeder has evolved into a solution that can be linked up to a string of established herd management programs - including those on the international market. This integration has converted the V-CONNECT Dairy Feeder by BvL into an even more efficient tool for the documentation and evaluation of operational data.

While yielding obvious advantages for the farmer's daily routine, the system also proves beneficial to the controlling and planning tasks the farmer needs to perform in their barn / on their entire farm. What is more, the farmer can use the combined data from all systems to better communicate with external participants. These outside parties may be vets, feed consultants or insemination technicians. Sharing the data with these contributors provides a convenient way to optimize the conditions of the stock as well as herd management one step at a time - for the benefit of the animals and, ideally, for a permanently lighter workload for the livestock owner.

All feeding parameters at a glance

The V-CONNECT Dairy Feeder system / feed management is only one cornerstone of overall herd management - albeit one of enormous importance. BvL's weighing and feed management system allows the farm manager to stay in full control of the feeding data on the farm / of their herd and to determine such vital parameters as income over feed cost (IOFC) or feed conversion efficiency (FCE) for individual groups of animals. It provides the livestock owner with an easier and more efficient way to manage the animal groups and their rations – and can even handle daily updates.

The reports shown on the associated Web-based portal are particularly helpful as they make documenting and evaluating each feeding a breeze and arrange the relevant data in a manner that is much easier to grasp. These are precisely the qualities that turn the V-CONNECT Dairy Feeder into an easy-to-use, yet exceptionally practical tool for the day-to-day operations on the farm and herd management overall.