BvL Produkte in der Fütterungstechnik, Entnahmetechnik, Einstreutechnik, Biogastechnik und Systemtechnik, unter anderem Futtermischwagen und Siloblockschneider.

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A passion for technology - our constant companion on our journey from start to finish of production, i.e. the time when we ship our products to the customer. Whether they fall into the realm of feeding equipment, unloading technology, bedding technology, biogas equipment or system technology - our products epitomize dependable development, planning and production. This claim and our reliability are of tremendous value to your business - day in and day out.

Tailored to each specific operation

Our products are distinguished not only by their longevity but also by their design and equipment, which are always customized to best fit the individual needs of the customer and their operation. Every product - be it a mixer wagon, a silage unloader or a feed management system - is carefully selected and matched perfectly with the conditions on site. No matter which of our products you select, you can rest assured that you are investing in superior quality "Made in Germany".

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