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Shear Grabs V-LOAD Shear Mega

Shear Grabs V-LOAD Shear Mega

Smooth and fermentation-free silage wall thanks to professional shear grab

The extremely robust and powerful cutting shear grab V-LOAD Shear Mega delivers a capacity of 2.25 m³ with a unloading width of 1800 mm. The knife blade made of highly wear-resistant special steel is divided into three elements, which can be exchanged individually. In the rear attachment, the Mega shear grab can optionally be equipped with a lifting frame and hydraulic push-of system.


  • capacity: 2,25 m³

  • great cutting capacity

  • smooth and low-wear operation

  • sturdy design that saves cost and time over long-term use

  • minimum trickle losses thanks to the closed cutting frame and the narrow spacing of the tines

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