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Mixer wagon - quality "Made in Germany"

V-MIX feeding equipment

Solutions optimized for feeding

Greatest possible feed conversion efficiency, healthy animals, and a sizable yield - achieving these objectives requires, among other things, feeding equipment that has been optimized to do the job right. A mixer wagon should feature a design that best meets the needs of the farmer / their animals and operation and offers compatibility with the diverse feeding equipment variants offered by BvL. Whether they opt for external loaders, self-loaders, self-propelled mixer wagons or stationary mixers - customers have always been able to trust that we offer nothing but perfectly customized feeding equipment solutions.

Feed mixers for Germany and around the globe

This degree of customization ensures that every BvL mixer wagon is unique. And, each of these mixer wagons is marked by exceptional durability - from one year of manufacture to the next. Operating from the town of Emsbüren in the Emsland region, we manufacture our machines in Germany and have turned Made in Germany into our most important seal of quality. Farming equipment customers the world over hold this quality in the highest regard. Our custom-made feeding equipment solutions are found at agricultural business in every corner of the globe.

Power mixing auger adjusted to perfection

The power mixing auger forms the core element of every V-MIX mixer wagon. It conserves the structure of the feed inside the mixing hopper to the highest degree possible. This level of preservation is ensured by its particularly gentle and smooth mixing process. The design of the vertical power mixing auger is adapted perfectly to the shape of the mixing hopper - as small as possible, but as large as necessary. This design makes it possible to utilize the full volume of the mixer wagon without the need to cut back on the required quality of the mixture. This helps save both time and money. By the way: The power mixing auger can be optimally adjusted to various types of feed by adjusting the knives.

Discharge option variety

Our feed mixer wagons offer the farmer a host of options to customize the feed discharge to their individual barn. Possible options include - depending on the mixer type: EDS doors on the sides or at the rear right and left in the corner of the mixing hopper or a cross conveyor that can be attached at the front or the rear. EDS, by the way, stands for exact-direct-fast.

This patented system provides for an extremely consistent discharge - even without a conveyor belt. The doors are arranged in a way that positions them asymmetrically to the center of the hopper. With the side doors on the right and left, the feed can be discharged simultaneously on both sides - with utmost speed and process reliability. Another advantage is that the feed is deposited in a loose swathe on the side that is not at risk of being run over. The patented rubber cover of the EDS doors minimize the risk of injury for both people and animals.

Asymmetrical mixing system

The slim and compact double and triple auger mixers of the V-MIX Plus series are capable of mixing massive amounts of feed and deliver it even in the tightest of spaces thanks to their outstanding volume utilization. Responsible for this extraordinary performance is the asymmetrical arrangement of the mixing wedges, which provides for an optimum exchange of the feed between the individual mixing chambers. This arrangement of the mixing wedges marries an optimal flow of material at low energy input with maximum utilization of the loading volume – ton by ton.

Farmers relying on automated feeding who do not wish to do without the BvL quality they have come to appreciate can also opt for BvL's component that fits a stationary mixer. Every mixer wagon made by BvL can be adapted to perfectly match the specific conditions of every agricultural business by selecting extra accessories and other available options.

Loading unit, cutting unit and chassis - separate or included?

We always give farmers the means to make an informed decision. This also applies to our loading and unloading technology for which we make all possible variants available for viewing and comparison: The external loaders are hitched to a tractor and can then be filled using a separate loading vehicle such as a telescopic loader. While also hooked up to a tractor, our self-loadering feed mixers are equipped with their own loading unit and even a cutting unit. BvL’s self-propelled mixer wagon stands out with the unloading technology it applies at the silo - the profiled roller. This machine handles unloading heights of up to 5.50m as well as unusual and narrow feed alleys without a hitch.