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Various feed mixers for every application

V-MIX external loaders - the drawn versatile

Mixer wagon V-MIX Agilo 3.5 and 5-1S
V-MIX Agilo 3.5 and 5-1S Mixer wagon
V-MIX Agilo 3.5 and 5-1S Mixer wagon

Small and extremely agile - this is what characterizes the smallest of our hauled mixer wagons, the V-MIX Agilo. With a capacity of 3.5 and 5 m3 and a compact size, the mixer wagons with one auger fits into any barn and takes up a lot of work.

Mixer wagon V-MIX Plus 6,5 to 14-1S
V-MIX Plus 6,5 to 14-1S Mixer wagon
V-MIX Plus 6,5 to 14-1S Mixer wagon

The single-screw mixer is available in sizes from 6.5 to 15 m³.Thanks to the "modular principle", you can easily put together the mixer wagon that meets the optimum criteria for your operation.

Mixer wagon V-MIX Plus T 6,5 to 12-1S
V-MIX Plus T 6,5 to 12-1S Mixer wagon
V-MIX Plus T 6,5 to 12-1S Mixer wagon

The V-MIX Plus T is characterised by an extremely low overall height (from 1.96 m) and is therefore particularly suitable for low barn entrances. A low loading height saves time and also facilitates the filling process.

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V-MIX Plus 13 to 30-2S Mixer wagon
V-MIX Plus 13 to 30-2S Mixer wagon

Mixing large quantities of fodder and transporting it even in cramped stables - that is what distinguishes our twin-auger mixers. With capacities from 13 to 30 m³ they are simply very compact and lean mixer wagons - real space saver with high volume utilization. Herd sizes of up to more than 200 cows can be optimally fed.

Mixer wagon V-MIX Plus 25 to 40-3S
V-MIX Plus 25 to 40-3S Mixer wagon
V-MIX Plus 25 to 40-3S Mixer wagon

Need big amounts of fodder? Then our three-auger mixer wagon with 25 to 40 m³ capacity are just right. With a capacity of 30 m³, these mixer wagon masters barn passes of only 2.93 m in height. And: The V-Mix Plus 3S offers the same advantages as its smaller siblings.

Mixer wagon V-MIX Giant 40 and 46-3S
V-MIX Giant 40 and 46-3S Mixer wagon
V-MIX Giant 40 and 46-3S Mixer wagon

40 and 46 m³ capacity - that's enough for feeding up to almost 400 cows. This gigantic size needs special power. That's why the V-MIX Giant series comes standard with the BvL Powershift transmission. This is a reduction gearbox with hydraulic coupling, which allows the mixer wagon to be started up in low gear and brought to its full mixing speed under load. The required power just when starting is reduced and the entire drive train - from the tractor to the mixing auger - is extremely gentle.

One, two or three mixing augers

The distinctive feature of our V-MIX mixer wagons is their compact design - whether they are slim or narrow or equipped with one, two or three mixing augers. These trailed feed mixer wagons are equipped to mix tremendous amounts of feed thanks to their remarkable volume utilization and deliver the feed in the tightest of spaces. Each of these mixer wagons is tailored to the individual requirements of the farmer / their operation.

One-of-a-kind in terms of both size and equipment

The mixer wagons of the V-MIX series are available in capacities between 3.5 m³ and 46 m³. All of BvL’s mixer wagons are customizable and can be equipped with individual discharge options or accessories. Benefit from our large selection that offers more than 1,000 custom options and learn more about these mixer wagons "Made in Germany".

Auger matched perfectly with the hopper

The power mixing auger forms the core element of every V-MIX Plus mixer wagon. It conserves the structure of the load inside the mixing hopper to the highest degree possible. This level of preservation is ensured by its particularly gentle and smooth mixing process. The power mixing auger of the vertical mixer wagon is adapted perfectly to the shape of the mixing hopper - as small as possible, but as large as necessary. This design makes it possible to utilize the full volume of the mixer wagon - regardless of the usable capacity - without the need to cut back on the required quality of the mixture. This helps save both time and money. By the way: The power mixing auger can be optimally adjusted to various types of feed by adjusting the knives.

Why is the structure of the feed so instrumental?

The feed needs to have structure to allow the cattle to ruminate properly. Structure is what helps maintain the optimum pH value in the rumen. What is more, structured feed lowers the risk of such health problems as displacements of the bovine abomasum, and it boosts feed intake and improves overall feed conversion efficiency.

More accurate and uniform discharge

The mixer wagons included in the V-MIX series offer every farmer a host of different options when it comes to dispensing feed. Possible options include: EDS doors on both sides at the front or the rear or at the center rear / at the rear right and left in the corner of the mixing hopper. Customers can also opt for a cross conveyor belt at the front or the back. EDS, by the way, stands for exact-direct-fast. This patented system provides for an extremely consistent discharge - even without a conveyor belt. The doors on the mixer wagon are arranged so that they are positioned asymmetrically to the center of the hopper.

With the side doors on the right and left, the feed can be discharged simultaneously on both sides - with utmost speed and process reliability. Another advantage is that the feed is deposited on the side of the mixer wagon in a loose swathe that is not at risk of being run over. The patented rubber cover of the EDS doors minimize the risk of injury for both people and animals.

Leaving the choice of the right discharge option up to you

BvL's goal is to always offer mixer wagons that are perfectly adapted to the location of their use. This is why none of their machines come standard with a discharge. It is, therefore, up to the farmer to find the discharge options that fit their requirements and the conditions on site best. The choices BvL offers are nearly limitless if you consider the exhaustive range of discharge accessories - whether it be a feeding chute (mechanical or hydraulic) or an elevator that accurately transports the feed to the feed troughs. But, BvL does not stop there: the other options available for the mixer wagon are legion as well. From reduction gearboxes to different drive shafts and camera systems to an addition scale or programmable weighing system to a low or high hitch and an additional straw blower – we offer a plethora of equipment options and extras for our mixer wagons.