V-MIX Drive Highlights

Benefits in abundance. A selection of our highlights for you:

BvL profiled roller

Powerful and effective feed removal - no knives required

The patented profiled roller engineered by BvL does not require any knives, exerting a preserving effect on the feed right from the beginning when it is removed. It does not cause any reduction or pulping of the feed. The decision as to whether you want the feed to be cut or not is entirely yours as you can define for how long the feed will stay inside the mixing hopper. Unlike the standard knives found on conventional mills, our tearing tines made of highly wear-resistant HARDOX offer a significantly longer service life. What is more, they are also exceptionally resilient against foreign objects.

BvL mixing auger

Well-centered mixing process

To ensure the mix is always blended to perfection, each mixer wagon houses a BvL mixing auger at its core. Distinguished by its unique, outwardly ascending flights, it centers the flow of the feed in the mixing hopper with exceptional speed and precision! The use of highly wear-resistant HARDOX steel ensures that the auger uptake will retain its shape and optimal setting for many years to come. The knives are adjustable, allowing for the mixing auger to be adapted to a variety of different feed components.

BvL comfort driver's cab (simply ergonomic)

Ergonomic driver’s cab and excellent ease of use

Our driver’s cab sets itself apart with its easy operation and good view in all directions. The perfectly utilized space in the cab provides plenty of room and maximum sense of space. The clever placing of the control unit in the driver's arm rest provides for both a relaxed sitting posture and maximum working comfort. We are not happy until you feel comfortable.

BvL compact design

Turn on a dime with a turn radius of no more than 4.50 m!

Our entire line of self-propelled mixer wagons is marked by a compact design and superior maneuverability. The short wheelbase we built into our V-MIX Drive Maximus 1S allowed us to achieve an impressive outer turn radius of 4.5 m when the 4-wheel steering is turned all the way. This minuscule turn radius makes maneuvering a breeze even in the tightest of spaces.

BvL mixing hopper

Hard as steel, thick-walled and indestructible

Boasting a one-of-a-kind design, our mixing hopper is made of premium quality steel, 20 mm thick and 8 mm strong - QST355. The thickness of the material is increased further by the walls that have been welded with an overlap and fused together with a fillet weld. And, should the loading vehicle drive up too close, our hopper is protected by the welded anti-spill ring.

BvL engine

Large engine displacement and powerful performance with 4 and/or 6 cylinders

The V-MIX Drive Maximus Plus is powered by an FPT engine. Conforming to emission category IV, the diesel engine is equipped with 4 and 6 cylinders, respectively, in the single-auger and the two auger mixer, delivering power to spare. Both drive units offer large engine displacement - 4.5 and 6.7 liters - and deliver extremely high-torque performance. The engine output is 167 HP (123 kW) and 224 HP (165 kW), respectively. Boasting powerful performance, both engines are ideal for use during feeding.

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