V-MIX Drive Equipment

We offer you a comprehensive range of accessories for all feed mixers. Here you will find a small selection of our specialties:

BvL four-wheel drive

Powerful wherever and whenever

All self-propelled mixer wagons can naturally be equipped with four-wheel drive. Additional power from all 4 wheels can be switched on as needed with the press of a button. The benefits of 4WD truly come to the fore when you need to operate in difficult ground conditions, in the wintertime or on wet ground. Better still, you can also activate the 100% differential lock to pull free when the machine has become bogged down.

BvL 4-wheel steering

Maximum maneuverability in the smallest of spaces

We set the gold standard for the market! Its 4-wheel steering shrinks the outer turn radius of our self-propelled mixer wagon Maximus 1S to an unprecedented 4.5 m - closely followed by the 6.5 m of the Maximum 2S. This steering system makes it a snap to maneuver the machine even in the smallest of spaces.

BvL stainless steel lining

Real stainless steel for solutions that are hard as steel

We can furnish your mixer wagon with a special stainless steel lining. You can choose between our V2A Basic and our V2A Profi lining, which we always tailor to your own type of use. Both are made of high-alloy and premium grade V2A stainless steel (material number: 1.4301) and differ only in the thickness and the height of the material. Its high chromium/nickel concentration sets the V2A apart from all other grades of stainless steel, as it makes this material rustproof, resistant to acid and hard-wearing. It will always demonstrate its abilities to the maximum for your benefit.

BvL V-DAIRY Feeder

Do everything online - on-the-go feed management system for true professionals

Straightforward and intuitive, the system gathers and analyses essential information on feeding accuracy, feeding times, feed quantities, IOFC, feed conversion efficiency, and much more. Our V-DAIRY Feeder provides you with the means to calculate your feed rations on the Internet. It communicates with the mixer wagon in real time and in fully automatic fashion. This allows for the comprehensive recording of all feeding activities, providing you with an exhaustive overview of your entire feeding process - anywhere and anytime.

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