BvL bedding machine: more volume, more performance

BvL bedding machine: more volume, more performance

The V-COMFORT Bedding machine from BvL is available in a new version featuring a larger bedding volume, more efficient operation and a more robust construction for daily use.

The bedding in a stable is very important for the well-being and health of the herd – and is an integral part of daily work on the farm. The use of high-quality machines, such as those from Bernard van Lengerich Maschinenfabrik GmbH & Co. KG (BvL), makes this work easier and more profitable.

In the V-COMFORT product group, the family owned company located in Germany’s Emsland region now offers a revised version of its V-COMFORT Bedding machine. The new version has a much larger capacity, with 2.3 and 3 m3 variants. This accommodates the requirements and working conditions on larger farms.

In addition to the capacity, the drive unit for the metering rollers of the bedding machine has been modified to meet market demands. A hydraulic motor drives each of the two connected rollers by means of a special chain drive system, the BvL Power Chain. This allows even torque distribution to both auger rollers.

The result is not only more power, but also reduced wear. The conveyor belt drive is equipped with an elastic coupling, and the auger motors are mounted on elastic bearing elements. In addition, the width of the conveyor belt has been increased to 400 mm, so that the machine has a higher material throughput.

Modification of the material thickness and the overall design has produced a very robust and low-maintenance bedding machine for daily use.

The models of the V-COMFORT Bedding series are ideal for the upkeep of elevated and deep-litter pens and can be mounted on the front of the carrier vehicle. They are suitable for diverse bedding materials such as lime-straw mixture, separated slurry, loose straw or sawdust. Optional components enable optimization of the discharge for the particular bedding material. In addition, the customer can choose between mechanical or electrical regulation of the metering roller speed.

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