BvL assumes responsibility

BvL's employees represent the main driving force of the company. We intend to continue fostering and promoting their dedication and qualifications. At BvL Maschinenfabrik, we do our utmost to allow their ideas and suggestions to be incorporated in our business, thereby creating a pleasant work environment, a lively Team spirit and employer-employee relationships that last over the long term.

Business partners
BvL would not be in business if it were not for our customers and suppliers. This is why BvL banks on business relations that are characterized by honesty and trust. Our objective is to form long-lasting business ties that are distinguished by mutual understanding and commitment.

Environmental awareness is coming increasingly to the fore in people's everyday lives. BvL is doing their share by implementing corporate governance and production methods that are environmentally sound.

Residents of Emsbüren
The history, evolution and success of BvL are closely tied to the company's location in Emsbüren. This is in no small part due to the fact that a large portion of our staff was born and raised in Emsbüren and the region. We, therefore, consider it our duty to give something back to our native region by contributing to a large number of charitable causes.

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