Authentic BvL

Authentic BvL

By straightforward communication and a family atmosphere

BvL Maschinenfabrik defines itself as a family business that is run by its proprietors. The hierarchies at BvL have intentionally been kept flat to retain a friendly family atmosphere and to keep communication as simple and straightforward as possible. This is a major distinguishing factor between BvL and a large corporation. Other characteristics that set the family business of BvL apart are the down-to-earth approach by the company and the common bond shared by the BvL team.

Both Managing Directors Bernard van Lengerich and Bernhard Sievering are available to their employees at all times and not just for questions that concern responsibilities within the company. The Managing Directors at BvL have always attached great importance to the personal contact with and the proximity to their employees.

Another aspect that defines the authenticity of a company is its willingness to stand up for its convictions. BvL Maschinenfabrik abides by the same principle. BvL Maschinenfabrik is convinced that well-mixed feed will increase the profit of any agricultural enterprise. Another factor that plays a vital role at BvL is feed removal. BvL's silage block cutters have made it possible to leave behind a smooth and clean silage clamp face, which reduces reheating and, consequently, losses in feed.

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