V-MIX Fix Plus 6.5 to 14-1S

V-MIX Fix Plus 6.5 to 14-1S

Stationary mixing quality from BvL

Stationary mixer wagons complete the jobs right then and there. Use cases vary. Whether customers are grappling with spatial constraints or need to integrate equipment into their existing system technology (e.g. conveyor feeding systems). The stationary mixer equipment engineered by BvL always offers the perfect solution. These BvL's stationary feed mixers with one mixing auger are available with capacities ranging from 6.5 - 14 m3

  • capacity 6.5 - 14 m³
  • Feed ration: 48 - 194 cows
  • Height: from 2.520 mm
  • High volume utilization
  • Smooth mixing process

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The special features of the V-MIX Fix Plus 1S


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