V-MIX Fill Plus L

V-MIX Fill Plus L

Mixer wagon with own loading scoop

Loading, mixing and distributing with just one machine. The mixer wagon is available in volumes from 8 to 25 m³ and as a single-auger or twin-auger mixer.

Self-loading and self-filling

The self-loading mixer wagon V-MIX Fill Plus L is equipped with a built-in loading scoop that serves as the loading tool, but lacks its own cutting unit. Among other things, the loading scoop can be used to pick up previously cut silage blocks, round bales and other feed components and break up and mix them inside the mixing hopper - ton by ton. This versatility even makes it a breeze to load components into the mixer wagon components that come from a wheel barrow.


Power mixing auger adjusted to perfection

The power mixing auger forms the core element of every V-MIX mixer wagon. It conserves the structure of the load inside the mixing hopper to the highest degree possible. This level of preservation is ensured by its particularly gentle and smooth mixing process. The design of the vertical power mixing auger is adapted perfectly to the shape of the mixing hopper - as small as possible, but as large as necessary. This design makes it possible to utilize the full volume of the mixer wagon - regardless of the tank volume - without the need to cut back on the required quality of the mixture.  This helps save both time and money.

The choice is yours – discharge systems and accessories optimized for enhanced mixing

BvL's goal is to always offer mixer wagons that are perfectly adapted to the location of their use. This is why none of their machines come standard with a discharge. It is, therefore, up to the farmer to find the discharge options that fit their requirements and the conditions on site best by choosing from an extensive selection of accessories and discharge variants. Whether it be a feeding chute (mechanical or hydraulic) or an elevator that accurately transports the feed to the feed troughs: the choices BvL offers are nearly limitless.

But, BvL does not stop there: the other options available for the mixer wagon are legion as well. From reduction gearboxes to different drive shafts and camera systems to an addition scale or programmable weighing system to a low or high hitch for the drawbar and an additional straw blower – we offer a wide selection of equipment options and extras for our mixer wagons - including our self-loaders

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