Stationary mixing equipment

Feeding then and there - stationary mixers in action

BvL’s stationary feed mixers are the perfect complement to automated feeding systems

A feed mixer wagon may not be the best fit for every agricultural business. However, every farm definitely wants a feed mixer. Mixing feed right then and there – that is made possible by the stationary mixer V-MIX Fix Plus made by BvL. Whether it is used as a feeding system for automatic feeders, as a processing unit for straw pelletization or other stationary applications - the stationary mixer can be perfectly adapted to the specific requirements and conditions of every barn.

The process of feeding the animals takes up approx. 20% of the time you spend working in the dairy cattle barn. Apart from milking, this is the process that takes up the bulk of the working time at a dairy farm. This is why every farm needs solutions that are not only efficient but also fit the farm's specific requirements like a glove. Our stationary feed mixers V-MIX Fix, for instance, serve as a special solution complementing various, including automated, feeding systems - a combination that proves ideal for a large number of barns / dairy farms.

Solutions tailored to each specific operation

The option to combine them with other feeding systems - most commonly, elevators - makes BvL's stationary mixers even more versatile and appealing for a large number of farms. One possible option, for instance, is to pair them with a special feed conveyor made by Eder GmbH. A mobile or stationary feed mixer – set up immediately in front of or inside the barn – can be used to unload green or mixed feed directly onto the feed conveyor, which measures up to 100 m in length and is adapted perfectly to the barn. This feed conveyor will then transport the base feed directly to the animals. The solution that works best for the farmer can be determined in a personal consultation on site.

Another competent partner in the field of automated feeding is the Norwegian specialist Fjøssystemer. Click the following link for more information on the automated feeding systems made by this company.

Our in-house experts will be happy to answer any question you may have about our stationary mixing equipment and automated feeding solutions.

Stationary mixing equipment

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