Bei der TMR kommt es auf die richtige Futtermischung an

Compact Feeding - feeding compact

With a special BvL-equipment package mixers can be converted for the Compact TMR

The Compact-TMR  (Compact Feeding) is a reltively new feeding concept for cattle from Denmark. The concentrated feed is mixed with large amounts of water and soaked for a few hours or even overnight. Then the silages are added and processed into a homogeneous mixture. This is unusual, because it opposes previous feeding concepts in cattle farming, since little value is placed on maintaining the structure.

This type of mixing can be optimized and designed effectively if we, as the manufacturer of feeding technology, also equip the feed mixer wagon accordingly. The mixing technique can be adapted to the relatively long dwell time of the feed, the longer mixing times and the unusual feed structure.

The Bernard van Lengerich Maschinenfabrik GmbH & Co.KG (BvL) offers the so-called Compact Feeding Plus Package, an accessory or upgrade package for the feed mixer wagon.

The Compact Feeding Plus package from BvL includes:

  • Compact Feeding Mixing auger: It is wider, less tall with an extended blade arrangement and additional auger blade for stronger, more intensive mixing. The otherwise standard TS Cracker is not mounted here.
  • Stainless steel hard surfacing (V2A) on the mixing auger: maintains the edge on the turns and makes the auger more durable.
  • Stainless steel-lining Basic (V2A): Serves to protect the mixing trough due to the longer length of stay and longer mixing times.
  • Mixing screw seal: to protect the inside of the cone from water.

Compact feeding: effort that can be worthwhile

Costs for additional equipment, longer mixing times and thus higher diesel costs, ration changeover ... that means financial and technical effort. But according to experts, there are also some advantages of compact feeding: the animals can no longer select the feed. So the nutrient intake is relatively constant. According to the findings of the experts, the animals in the barn are much quieter, the milk yield increases, veterinary costs drop permanently - overall, this is a clear plus for animal welfare. Further feeding attempts are in progress to expand the knowledge.

BvL supports farmers in converting the feed mixer wagon for the compact TMR - as well as for other feeding concepts in cattle farming. Other attachments, for example from the BvL mixer tuning program, can of course also be integrated at any time.

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