Mischschnecke im Vertikalmischer von BvL

Vertical feed mixer wagons

Our vertical mixing marvels

All of the mixer wagons BvL carries as part of their feeding equipment are vertical mixers - equipped with one, two or three mixing augers. Unlike their horizontal counterparts - whose mixing auger more or less “lies” inside the mixing vessel, vertical mixers feature an auger that virtually assumes a “standing” position in the mixing hopper (see chart). Performing a rotational movement, our powerful augers transport the feed from bottom to top during mixing. Once at the top, the feed will slide down again along the inner walls of the mixing vessel before being transported up by the mixing auger once again. This process results in a gentle and homogeneous blending of the feed.

But, BvL’s Power mixing augers do not stop at blending the feed ration to perfection. They also ensure that the structure of the feed is preserved to the greatest degree possible while it is being mixed in the vertical mixer wagons. Notwithstanding their “gentle” treatment of the feed, our BvL mixers also pack the punch necessary for heavy-duty jobs: They are, for instance, also capable of breaking up silage bales properly and evenly.

BvL has laid to rest any concerns that the feed mixer wagon may become too tall on account of the vertical arrangement of the mixing auger. Smaller machine dimensions can be achieved by opting for lower mixer vessel heights in combination with matching mixing auger models and a V-MIX Plus T model that is part of our series of lowered mixer wagons. These options allow our mixer wagons to offer perfect maneuverability even when operating in spaces with limited vertical and loading clearance.

Thanks to our extensive selection of accessories and extra equipment options, which includes a variety of discharge options, reduction gearboxes, induction-hardened knives or various camera or weighing systems, our mixer wagons can be customized to optimally serve the needs of each customer, their herd or their business - regardless of whether the customer opts for an external loader of the V-MIX Plus series, our self-propelled V-MIX Drive or a self-loading mixer wagon of the V-MIX Fill series. This level of optimization has a positive impact on more than feed quality alone. Our optimized mixer wagon also help the farmer conserve such resources as fuel and working hours and lighten the workload. They serve the farmer as an indispensable helper every single day - and for the long term.

Vertical mixers used as feeding equipment

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