The weighing system at the feed mixer

Accuracy is of the essence - the weighing system at the feed mixer

Weigh with perfect accuracy while mixing the feed ration

The approach of preparing feed rations with a rule-of-thumb estimate of the feed component ratio has long been consigned to the history books. Accuracy while weighing and adding the individual feed elements is essential to producing a feed mix that is optimized to the energy and nutritional needs of the animals. What is more, accurate feeding also involves precise planning of the feed stocks and feed costs – which, ideally, will also lower the cost of the feeding process overall.

To achieve this objective, farmers usually rely on a weighing system fitted on their mixer wagons that includes a weighing display. This system makes it possible to accurately check during loading which feed component is being added at which quantity - whether it be maize silage, grass silage, straw or other types of feed ration components.

A weighing system capable of providing these features comes standard with each of our mixer wagons included in the V-MIX series. Farmers can also opt to have a programmable weighing system installed. Offering tremendous ease of use, our feed management system V-DAIRY Feeder TMR is the perfect complement to the weighing system. It is compatible with all common mixer wagons – and all standard weighing systems / weighing computers. After connecting the system's transceiver box to the weighing unit using the matching adapter cable - between weighing computer and load cells, the farmer can start transmitting the feeding data to the Web portal in real time and with perfect accuracy. After transmitting the data, the farmer can, among other things, analyze the feed quantities more deeply.

The exchange of data between the weighing system and the V-DAIRY Feeder TMR helps the farmer monitor the feeding data and, first and foremost, prepare rations with greater effectiveness and efficiency.

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