What is the purpose of BvL’s Powershift gearbox?

What is the purpose of BvL’s Powershift gearbox?

Power to spare for large wagons


BvL's Powershift gearbox is a reduction gear with integral hydraulic clutch. This transmission allows the operator to start in a low gear and shift to maximum mixing speed under load. The strain on the entire drive train – from the tractor to the mixing auger - is minimized thanks to the reduced power input. This proves particularly helpful when dealing with large feed quantities.

Our extra large Giant series (with tank volumes ranging from 40 to 46 m3) comes standard with BvL's 3-speed Powershift reduction gearbox (powershift transmission). Customers selecting our trailed V-MIX mixer wagons can - depending on the size of the wagon / the power of the tractor - choose an optional reduction gearbox with Bowden cable operation and hydraulic shifting or a 2-speed Powershift reduction gearbox (powershift transmission).

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