V-MIX Hybrid

V-MIX Hybrid by BvL: Two propulsion systems - increased flexibility

Trailed feed mixer wagon and stationary mixer rolled into one - that is the new hybrid mixer wagon V-MIX Hybrid designed by Bernard van Lengerich Maschinenfabrik GmbH & Co. KG (BvL). The new hybrid feed mixer wagon offers even greater versatility for a wide number of barns thanks to its dual propulsion option - tractor output or electric drive motor.

Conditions vary from business to business and range from narrow to wide feed alleys to a wide variety of pathways between barn and feed store. This mixed bag requires exceptional flexibility and workflow organization. Even more importantly, it calls for well-adapted feeding equipment. The new hybrid mixer wagon V-MIX Hybrid engineered by Emsbüren-manufacturer Bernard van Lengerich Maschinenfabrik GmbH & Co. KG (BvL) is the perfect match for a wide range of requirements.

The underlying principle: Tractor output for driving and mixing combined with an electric drive for discharging while stationary. This technology allows farmers to trail the hybrid mixer wagon to the feed store just like any classic mixer wagon filled by external equipment. They can then fill in and mix the feed before driving to the barn. The wagon can then be driven into appropriate barns to unload the feed along the feed alley. But the wagon's capabilities do not stop there: farmers can also park the wagon at a feed transfer station or at the barn - and use it there as a stationary feed mixer. A built-in electric motor will then deliver the necessary discharge capacity. Operating the machine is a breeze thanks to an additional switch cabinet.This cabinet is available as optional equipment. The system cuts down on energy consumption and tractor operating times. This frees up the tractor for other applications.

Customers of the Emsland machinery manufacturer can also request a hybrid model of a single and two-auger mixer wagon included in model series V-MIX 8 1S through V-MIX 24 2S. The capacity of the drive motors offered for these models range from 22 to 55 kW.

Its exceptional benefits truly come to the fore when the V-MIX Hybrid is combined with an automated feeding system such as the Feedstar feeding system made by Eder Landtechnik GmbH. This machine delivers the feed discharged at the hybrid mixer automatically to the animals by means of a feed belt. This makes it possible to use the same mixer wagon for conventional feeding (e.g. dry cows and young stock) and, for instance, automatically supplying fresh feed to groups of lactating cows several times a day.

For more information, come visit our booth (27-G10) at this year's EuroTier in Hanover, where we will be demonstrating a hybrid mixer operating with a 37 kW motor.

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