Proven BvL system realized for Danish biogas project

Proven BvL system realized for Danish biogas project

Once again, BvL has managed to put into service a stationary V-BIO solids dispenser: this time, in combination with the pump system made by biogas component manufacturer Vogelsang.

The experience in exporting solids dispensers carries a long tradition at the company. The Danish marketplace has evolved into a key market for these products made by the Emsbüren mechanical engineering company. The latest example is centered around a solids dispenser put into service at a local Danish industrial concern, where it is used to increase the volume of the gas the company feeds into the public grid.

Component manufacturer Vogelsang delivered the pump system for the connection to the fermenter, while BvL supplied the solids dispenser. The large-size tanks with a volume of 100 m³ allows for the convenient loading and reliable discharge of a wide variety of solids. Lined as standard with V2A stainless steel, the inner walls of the tanks ensure an exceptionally high degree of resistance to any abrasive ingredients contained in the fed materials.

The vertical V-BIO solids dispensers made by BvL are distinguished by their high degree of adaptability to the specific conditions of the most varied biogas plants. An adapted dispenser system is essential for an optimum gas yield. BvL offers an extensive selection in this segment. Holding volumes between 8 and 150 m³, the tanks are equipped with one, two or three mixing augers.

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