Compact Feeding Plus Package available for BvL mixer wagons

BvL: Mixer wagons equipped for Compact Feeding

With a special equipment package, BvL feed mixers can be easily converted for the Compact TMR

The Compact TMR (Compact Feeding), a feeding concept for cattle, is currently much described in specialist media. This relatively new concept from Denmark is now also being implemented on individual farms in this country. It relies – and that´s what makes it special – on a moist, sticky, homogeneous feed mass. In addition to changes in the ratio, technical adjustments to the feed mixer wagon are necessary. The Bernard van Lengerich Maschinenfabrik GmbH & Co. KG from Emsbüren starts right here by offering a variety of extra components for their feed mixer wagons.

In Compact Feeding, concentrated feed is soaked with large amounts of water (1:1) in the feed mixer for hours or even overnight. Only then the remaining feed components are added and mixed until they form a homogeneous, structurally poor mass. As a result, the animals can no longer select the feed, the nutrient intake should thus be relatively constant according to experts.

Adapting the feed mixer is one of the challenges when switching to this feeding concept. The Compact Feeding Plus package from BvL includes:

  • Compact Feeding Mixing auger: It is wider, less tall with an extended blade arrangement and additional auger blade for stronger, more intensive mixing. The otherwise standard TS Cracker is not mounted here.
  • Stainless steel hard surfacing (V2A) on the mixing auger: maintains the edge on the turns and makes the auger more durable.
  • Stainless steel-lining Basic (V2A): Serves to protect the mixing trough due to the longer length of stay and longer mixing times.
  • Mixing screw seal: to protect the inside of the cone from water.

Other add-on parts, for example from the mixer-tuning-program from BvL, can of course also be integrated. The BvL feeding experts are happy to advise you.

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