V-CONNECT Dairy Feeder - Flexible feed management system

Flexible feed management system

The V-CONNECT Dairy Feeder from BvL now has new functions for maximum efficiency

Modern and efficient feeding requires having a good overview of the relevant feed data. The time-proven feed management system V-CONNECT Dairy Feeder from BvL is optimally designed to meet this requirement. Users of the system report improved precision in component loading. This saves money by preventing excessive doses of expensive components. The system also eliminates the need for written documentation of feeding. The ration is shown clearly on the display, which makes it easy to adjust feed quantities as necessary. In addition, real-time and traceable storage of all feed data in the cloud allows easy access anytime, from anywhere. Technical advancements have allowed the addition of valuable functions to the system.

The V-CONNECT Dairy Feeder now has a feature for optimal stock management. This gives the user an overview of the feed stock and consumption, as well as information on how long feedstuffs will still be available for the current feeding. On the basis of color codings the system displays the need for urgent supply directly in the overview. It also informs the user of the current purchase prices and price history.

The BvL feed management system also allows calculation of the feed conversion efficiency (FCE) and the income over feed cost (IOFC). These figures provide information on the cost effectiveness of the farm, the health of the livestock and feeding. They also allow benchmarking both at the regional as well as national and international level. The V-CONNECT Dairy Feeder registers both feed quantities and remaining feed, in order to calculate the actual daily dry mass intake of the animals and therefore the FCE and IOFC in combination with the milking capacity. This takes place automatically during the feeding routine, which facilitates analysis of the farm’s operations.

The matrix report, a new type of report in Excel, allows the farm manager to filter and analyze the specific operating figures for the farm, such as feed consumption by animal group or feed costs for total feed over a configurable period. This allows the user to individually compile the most important data for the farm. The V-CONNECT Dairy Feeder therefore fulfills the BvL claim of providing maximum individuality in accordance with the core statement “Made for me”.

Another technical feature of the V-CONNECT Dairy Feeder is the premix function as a sub-function of managing rations. A premix is a mixture of several feed components prepared in advance. The premix is added to the feed ration as a separate component. The special feature of this function in the feed software of the V-CONNECT Dairy Feeder is correct documentation of the single feed components of the premix in the stock management and cost accounting. Single components of the premix and the premix component itself are designated as such and must be included in the cost and stock accounting only as single items. 

A direct interface with fodjan and its diverse analysis functions is a very user-friendly feature. The V-CONNECT Dairy Feeder therefore offers the user digital feed management with fast data networking.

Another special detail of the V-Connect Dairy Feeder from BvL is worth mentioning: The Dairy Feeder box installed on the feed mixing wagon features a digital display with a remarkable resolution, comparable to a simple addition scale. This ensures that it is possible to operate the Dairy Feeder system without web access or use of the app in special situations, for example in the case of absences due to illness or vacation. Feeding is therefore never jeopardized, even without digital functions.

The web-based V-CONNECT Dairy Feeder consists of hardware, web and app components. The menu structure of the app is designed for intuitive operation with the user in mind. The app, which is available at no charge from the Google Play Store and the App Store, can be installed simultaneously on any number of mobile end devices. All current entries or changes are synchronized across all devices, so that all users are always up to date.

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