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That is what drives us at BvL: We work intensively with farmers around the world to further develop our modular feeding technology and adapt it to individual requirements. In this way, we develop flexible machine solutions in personal exchange that precisely fit the agricultural orientation, livestock, feed mixes, barn types and machinery.

Jörg Schäfer

Jörg Schäfer, together with his family and one employee, runs a dairy farm in Alheim, Niedergude in eastern Hesse (Germany).  In the meantime, the family has opted for a fourth BvL-machine.  A big challenge of the farm is the large amount of grassland.

Due to the distance from their shed to the storage of silage, the acquisition of a self-propelled is an enormous labour-economical advantage.

Johannes Schäfer

Johannes Schäfer from Willingen (Rattlar) in northern Hessen (Germany)  runs a dairy farm with 630 dairy cows with his family.  The farm is located at an altitude of 650 metres and is therefore almost a pure grassland farm. More than 70 % of the feed is grass silage.

In the meantime, the Schäfer family has decided to buy a third BvL-mixer. During the consultation, it quickly became clear to the family that the BvL-mixer was the right solution, as it was customised and made to their needs.

Jaiden from New Zealand

Reliability important for high feeding quantities

Jaiden Drought from the Taranaki region on the west coast of the northern island in New Zealand runs a dairy farm of over 100 ha. He has been feeding his 360 dairy cows for five years with a trailed feed mixer from BvL. His V-MIX Plus 22-2S external filler is equipped with a lateral conveyor elevator for optimal filling of the feed troughs.

This individual equipment was one of the decisive factors for Jaiden to decide in favour of a feed mixer wagon from BvL. In addition, Jaiden is convinced by the high reliability of the feed mixer in its daily work. Through BvL's New Zealand partner Webbline Agriculture, he received comprehensive advice from local contacts on site. After the order was placed, the production was carried out in Germany and the shipment was initiated.


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