Mission statement

Our mission statement

As a medium-sized and owner-managed family business with headquarter in Emsbüren, we have been serving the agricultural sector since 1860. Started as a blacksmith´s and cartwright´s workshop, today we are a leading specialist for solutions in feeding technology. Together with our sales partners on site, we look after the farmers of livestock farming, operator of biogas systems as well as upstream and downstream areas of the agricultural sector - worldwide and with a unique variants. For this, we are constantly developing our products and services.

As a modern industrial company, we are a strong employer for the region with a high training rate and low fluctuation. Our employees are competent, committed and responsible co-thinkers who accompany us with passion and creativity on the way to Vision 2030. Our togetherness is characterized by respect and helpfulness. We deal with mistakes openly and understand criticism as an incentive. We tackle our tasks in a solution-oriented manner.

Our guiding values are:

Team spirit means for us:

  • One for all, all for one
  • Each of us is BvL with passion
  • Appreciating diversity in the team

Reliability means for us:

  •   We keep our word
  •   Exceptionally high quality and continuous improvement at all levels are our incentive

Customer delight means for us:

  •   To exceed the expectations of our customers
  •   Thinking one step ahead to deliver added value to our customers

Our suppliers share our values. Long-term cooperation thrives on partnership and loyalty.

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