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Take on online tour of BvL Maschinenfabrik

Have you always wondered how a mixer wagon is made?
We are now giving you the opportunity to catch a glimpse of the manufacturing process behind the products made by BvL.
The image above shows you where you are currently located in the production area.

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  1. Administration - the head office

    Administration - the head office


    Foyer at BvL Maschinenfabrik. This is where our employees will receive you.

  2. Administration - meeting rooms

    Administration - meeting rooms


    Our premises offer four meeting rooms that can be used by our staff as well as for advanced training sessions, events, etc. The furnishings and equipment of these rooms are of exquisite quality to allow events and meetings to progress without a hitch.

  3. Production - auger welding

    Production - auger welding


    This section allows you to take a look into our auger welding production. This area is BvL's particular field of expertise. Our long years of experience in manufacturing feeding equipment ensures that we equip every mixer wagon with the most efficient mixing auger: As small as possible, yet as large as necessary (high volume utilization).

  4. Production - trainee workshop

    Production - trainee workshop


    This image shows our trainee workshop. We use this workshop to teach our trainees the fundamentals about materials and how they are processed at our company. BvL attaches enormous importance to these skills and demands that their trainees master them before working on high-tech machinery.

  5. Production - container welding

    Production - container welding


    This image shows the process of container welding. All steps necessary are completed at BvL as every mixer wagon is tailor-made to meet the specific requirements of our customers.

  6. Painting



    Now it is time to add color. This area of the production hall is dedicated to the priming and subsequent painting of the machines and their spare parts.

  7. Small equipment construction

    Small equipment construction


    The opposite end of the hall is used for the assembly of small equipment. BvL groups silage block cutters, shear grabs, grapple buckets and bedding implements into the category of small equipment.

  8. Logistics hall

    Logistics hall


    We dedicated our new logistics and assembly hall in April of 2013. The first section of the hall houses the heart of production at BvL. The logistics hall offers space for 2,200 skeleton boxes or pallets.

  9. Final assembly hall - mixer wagons

    Final assembly hall - mixer wagons


    The second section of the hall we dedicated in April of 2013 is used for the final assembly of our mixer wagons. It accommodates eight assembly stands for mixer wagons that fall into the categories of external loaders, self-loaders or stationary mixer wagons. The location is also used for manufacturing our solids dispensers for biogas systems.

  10. Final assembly hall - self-propelled mixer wagons

    Final assembly hall - self-propelled mixer wagons


    The second section of the hall we dedicated in April of 2013 is used for the final assembly of our mixer wagons. The location also houses an assembly stand for mixer wagons belonging to the self-propelled category.

  11. Storage space

    Storage space


    We use the exterior areas to store all finished mixer wagons until they are loaded for shipping.

  12. Loading point

    Loading point


    We use this area to prepare our BvL machinery for transport and to load the machines. The life of the BvL employees working in this area is made easier by a heavy-duty crane with a capacity of five tons.

  13. BvL Oberflächentechnik

    BvL Oberflächentechnik


    This second pillar of the BvL Group was established in 1989: Surface technology. This division of the company is concerned with industrial parts cleaning. Siemens, VW and JF Stoll are among the customers who trust our surface technology to accomplish the level of purity they require.

  14. BvL electrical engineering

    BvL electrical engineering


    BvL electrical engineering has long been a household name for reliable electrical installations.Regardless of whether these installations are performed in private households or industrial enterprises.

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